Human Resource Audits

Human Resource Audits measure the health of your organization. They are useful for identifying gaps, determining what is needed to more smoothly function and to achieve your business goals, and confirming what processes you currently have in place. HR Audits assess your effectiveness, reveals areas of improvement, and highlights opportunities. Upon completion of an audit we provide you with recommendations that help you stay compliant, increase productively, engage your employees, and that will in turn directly affect your bottom line.

Common areas of Non-Compliance:

• Misclassification of exempt and nonexempt jobs
• Personnel files not in compliance
• Inadequate DOL and DWD required postings
• Inaccurate time records
• Poor, inconsistent documentation
• Internal inequitable compensation

What is Audited?

Personnel Files
EEO-1 Reporting
Job Descriptions
Discipline and Separation Issues




Deliverables from an HR Audit:
• A Comprehensive Overview of your company’s HR function
• A Summary Report of the information and processes audited
• Recommendations for improvement
• Action plans for improving processes
• Assistance in developing and enhancing your HR function